Psychodynamic Counsellor and Couple Therapist

Tracey is an experienced psychodynamic counsellor and couple therapist who has vast experience working with a range of emotional and psychological issues with both individuals and couples. These include depression, anxiety, work related stresses, separation difficulties, loss, trauma, domestic and sexual abuse, suicidal thoughts and self harm.

Her work with couples includes; communication difficulties, attachment issues from childhood and destructive patterns of relating sometimes creating repressed anger/or depression in one or both partners.

Prior to her counsellor training Tracey worked extensively supporting young people, children and their families in primary education for several years which was the foundation for her more recent work with Kids Inspire.

Tracey is drawn to the outdoors and is developing a new area of her therapy practice to Walking and Talking. It allows the process of therapy to be taken outdoors and can be particularly helpful for those who prefer the movement, task aspect and connecting to the outdoors while reducing a sense of intensity in sitting face to face which may be difficult for some. She has already started to introduce this to her practice for those who are also drawn to this way of being in therapy.

Tracey holds a Professional Diploma in Psychodynamic Counselling and has undertaken additional training in Couples Therapy

Fees:    Individuals   £45   Couples  £75

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