People come into therapy for a variety of reasons. It may be due to an event which has overwhelmed them and they wish to explore their feelings of fear, panic, loss or anxiety and to make sense of what they are feeling and why they have responded to this in the way they have. This exploration with a therapist can help to understand themselves making the feelings a little more manageable and can bring about an acceptance of an event and a new thinking about how life might be different.

It may be that certain feelings and thoughts may have been around for an individual for as long as they can remember and they are now tired of feeling the same feelings or realising they seem to be getting into the same old patterns of relating in their relationships which causes them distress or sadness. They may wish to understand why these feelings have always been there, where they have come from and how they can live life and create relationships in a more satisfying and healthy way.

Whatever the reason you may have decided you wish to consider coming into individual therapy - it is a joint process between an individual and a therapist and can allow the exploration of feelings of confusion, anxiety, loss and fear and help to understand why these feelings are present and what factors play a part in maintaining them.

You will develop a relationship with a therapist which will feel safe enough to explore the depths of your feelings – and if this feels difficult, to understand why it feels difficult and fearful and how this can be overcome.


Where do I start?



You can start right here and now.

There are many different kinds of individual therapy and here at the Turner Centre we have a large number of therapists who work in very different ways to address emotional difficulties.

It may be worth having a look at the various models to get an idea of which therapy could be helpful for you. You can also have a look at our therapists profiles to see if there is someone who you feel works in a way which you might find helpful. Alternatively, if it feels too daunting at this time to even think about which therapy, just give us a ring and we can arrange an initial appointment with one of our experienced therapists where you can simply think about what’s been happening and how you are feeling and take things from there.

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