These are just some difficulties you may be experiencing which can bring you into counselling or therapy.


  • unable to cope or to resolve conflicts
  • burdened by resentment, disappointment or despair
  • that family problems are too much to bear
  • that it is becoming more and more difficult to recover from stress or cope with stressful situations
  • lonely, empty or depressed or feeling that you have to cope with extreme mood changes
  • overwhelmed with feelings of grief or sadnessanxious and 'panicky' and unable to concentrate
  • curious, anxious or worried about your sexuality
  • concerned about eating or drinking problems
  • worried about a problem with gambling
  • that you have difficulties in making or keeping relationships, or that you repeatedly become involved in unsatisfying or destructive relationships
  • that you have to harm yourself to feel better
  • that life is not worth living or that there is little hope for change
  • anxious that you are retiring, redundant and feel lost
  • physical problems have become a struggle or perhaps they are not easily explained and don't seem to fit into any diagnosis
  • anxious at where your life is going and what it's all about


coming into therapy can help you explore your thoughts and feelings and make sense of what you are feeling enabling clarity and perspective