Relationships are a meaningful part of our lives and can provide us with happiness and fulfilment. Whether it be a relationship with a partner or any other kind of relationship we often rely on them for guidance, advice, love and support. As humans we are naturally social and enjoy the company of others craving positive interactions and meaningful friendships.

A relationship with a partner is one of the closest relationships we can have and if it has become strained and communication has become difficult it can have a detrimental effect on every aspect of our life and leave us feeling lonely, disappointed and unsure of ourselves.

Sometimes things go wrong and we find ourselves not getting what we need from our relationships. Communication may have become difficult and we find our arguments repeatedly go around in circles leaving issues unresolved.

We may wish to think about couple therapy with a partner where we can begin to understand why our relationship has become difficult and unfulfilling and look at ways to improve it. Alternatively, we may prefer to come into counselling or psychotherapy on our own to think about our relationships and try to understand our part in them, particularly if they are friendships or relationships with parents or siblings which seem to have a long repetitive history.

We may notice that there seem to be familiar patterns in all our relationships which we want to understand so that we can create more fulfilling relationships and not continually be breaking up with others.

Whatever the reason, talking to a counsellor or psychotherapist either with a partner or on our own can help us to understand our very first relationships in our early life and how these old familiar dynamics seem to be cropping up in all our close relationships and causing us unhappiness.

Here at the Turner Centre our therapists can help you to make sense of how you make relationships, what you expect from other people and the role you take on in your relationships, and why they seem to always follow the same destructive route to disaster.